Curriculum Vitae

Job History

2017 Professor (tenured) at University of Education Upper Austria (Linz, Austria)
2016 Lecturer at Zurich University of Teacher Education in cooperation with University of Zurich (Switzerland)
2014/2015 Lecturer at University of Vienna for “Language awareness in the science classroom” (Austria)
2014/2015 Research Associate at the Department of Cultural Studies, University Paderborn (Germany)
2007 – 2017
Lecturer at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (HU-Berlin, Institute of German Literature and Professional School of Education): Language of schooling/Language acquisition in all subjects (Germany)
2005 – 2007 Project management of PROMISE at HU-Berlin (see projects section)
(“Promotion of Migrants in Science Education”), funded by EU FP6; Partner universities: HU-Berlin (Germany), University of Vienna (Austria), University of Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Yildiz Technical University Istanbul (Turkey)
2004 – 2007 Research Assistant, HU-Berlin (Germany)
Department of Physics, Division of Science Education
2000 – 2004 Science teacher at secondary and high school (grade 7 to 12) in Graz and Vienna (Austria)

University Education

Ph.D. Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (HU-Berlin, Germany), Department of Physics, Dr. rer. nat. (summa cum laude)
Doctoral thesis: “Reflexive Science Education – a Multidisciplinary Analytical Framework with Particular Emphasis on Language and Migration”  – Abstract –
(orig.: “Naturwissenschaftliche Bildung in der Migrationsgesellschaft – Grundzüge einer Reflexiven Physikdidaktik und kritisch-sprachbewussten Praxis”)
M.Sc. University of Graz (Austria), Department of Theoretical Physics, Mag. rer. nat. (equ. M.Sc.) with excellence
Master thesis: „Physical and philosophical aspects of time travel
Studies of Physics, Science Education, and Philosophy at Graz University of Technology (Austria), University of Graz (Austria), and Universitá degli studii di Padova (Italy)
B.A. Studies of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology at University of Graz (Austria)
B.Sc. Studies of Meteorology and Geophysics at University of Graz and Physics at Graz University of Technology (Austria)

Research Interests

  • social categories, diversity and science education
  • science education and migration
  • reflexive science education
  • language awareness of science teachers
  • intersectional analysis of science education
  • socio-cultural perspectives
  • post-colonial theory
  • human right to education

Further Activities

  • Consultant of Council of Europe (Language Policy Unit, internationalization of teacher education)
  • Consultant of Berlin Center for Language Acquisition („Zentrum für Sprachbildung“, Berlin)
  • Author of science textbooks, consultant for text-book publishers
  • Trainer for in-service and pre-service teachers, international vocational trainings (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and for German Schools abroad in Brazil, Indonesia etc.)
  • Project leader for language education in school courses (Deutsches Bildungsresort Bozen, Italy)
  • since 2008: consultant and evaluator of “Science on Stage“, a European network of science teachers in 25 member countries (